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Portable water and feed dispenser for pets

Portable water and feed dispenser for pets

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Hydrate and nourish your furry friend on the go 

Keep your puppy happy and hydrated while your on the move with our 2-n-1 portable water and treat dispenser perfect for those hot summer days at the beach or a simple walk around the block in the morning. Keep a good supply of clean drinking water and food for your pet right by your side no matter your plans are for the day like hiking camping and even fishing if thats what your dog loves it really is perfect for all outdoor activities 

This 2-n-1 dispenser carries treats and water or if your out for a full day it can carry dry biscuits you do not need to worry about feeding your pet before you leave the house.

Designed for quick and easy use all you need to do is slide the selector to the right to dispense water and with this product it only requires one hand for use and leaves your other hand free to secure your pets leash while they have a drink.  When your finished turn the slider to the left to seal it to save water for your next stop. Simple right

Manufactured from high quality Pet Safe Plastic, with a smart built-in water dispenser cup and dry dog biscuit feeder system, the bottle is portable and light-weight. The silicone leak-proof seal and lock button prevents any spills whilst walking, hiking or travelling, so it's never been easier or more convenient to take a bottle with you wherever you go. 



  • Made from high-quality and Pet-Safe Plastic, which is durable and long lasting, as well as non-toxic and heat-resistant when washing.
  • A smart modern design combining a pet water bottle, large water dispensing feeder cup, and a dry pet food holder on the base.
  • A simple one hand dispensing system lets you dispense water into the feeder cup with the press of a button, leaving your other hand free to securely hold your dog's leash at all times.
  • A silicone leak-proof seal and lock button prevents any spills whilst walking, hiking or travelling.
  • Bottle is portable and light-weight, making it perfect for taking on the go.
  • Available in 4 colors, including Pink, Blue, White and Green.

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